TheatER TechNICAL Specifications



Capacity: 482
Screen: Harkness Matt Plus 1.0 Digital Perf. Max Size = 38’ x 18’
First five rows of seats can be removed

Digital Projection

DCI-compliant Christie CP4220 4K DLP Digital Cinema Projector, high contrast lens, Dolby IMS3000 server

Film Projection

2 Norelco AAII 35mm/70mm film projectors, 24/30 FPS
1 Norelco FP16 16mm film projector


7.1 channel discreet AES digital audio run through QSC Q-SYS audio, video and control platform

35mm: Optical, A and SR; SR-D (Dolby Digital), 4-track magnetic

70mm: Straight 6-channel; Dolby A; Dolby SR; 5.1 with baby boom; stereo surround; DTS

In the theater: Alcons Audio CR4 speakers with 5 screen channels. Alcons Audio Sentinel amplifiers.

PA & Live Event Audio System: Alcons L-series compact line array (12 arrays — 6 left, 6 right flown)

Microphones: Shure wireless SM58s and wireless Shure lavalier mics via 4-channel ULX-D digital wireless system; standard SM58s


Additional Features

Stage connectivity: 2 floor boxes providing power, data, and A/V connectivity for presentations and interface location for teaching lectern.

Center-mounted floor box has 5 XLR inputs for Q&As, live events, etc.

A/V Mixing and Control Station: Junction boxes are located in the theater for client-supplied sound board and/or lighting control board with DMX connections.

Alternative content: Television broadcast feeds from cable connection and roof-mounted satellite antenna; Oppo Blu-ray player; video playback from computer software. Mac, PC, iPad compatibility for playback or podium presentations.

Hearing/Visually Impaired: Doremi Fidelio wireless system.